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Get Off the Diet Hamster Wheel

12-Week Group Coaching Program for Women

A radically different approach to body image, weight loss and self-love


How would it feel to love yourself healthy instead of hating yourself skinny, over and over and over?

If you're like me, you've tried diet after diet, losing and gaining and panicking about the next event you'll have to buy new clothes for.  

The yo-yo, the binge, then restrict cycle.  Are you over it?

How would it feel to finally accept and love your body so you could make small changes and be on the journey to health JOYFULLY instead of with all the stress and anxiety we've learned to expect?

What if you could learn more about your patterns and why they're there so you can change the way you react and finally have changes that LAST?!

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How it works

In this 12-week intensive program, we will go through 3 phases designed to help you know where you came from, decide where you're going, and have the accountability, support, and encouragement you need to keep going once the program is done.

Phase 1-Radical Self-Discovery

In this phase, we will uncover your beliefs about food and your body, and decide which are working for you and which are working against you.  We will dive deep into behaviors we develop as kids and find out where you are holding yourself back from having the body, the mindset, and the life you want.

Phase 2- Radical Self-Acceptance

In this phase, we will use what we've uncovered in Phase 1 to unravel and unlearn old behaviors.  We will take small baby-step actions toward how we want to our minds, in our bodies, in our souls.  We will discover how to trust ourselves again and have confidence that we CAN and WILL finally do this.

Phase 3-Radical Responsibility

Here's where the rubber meets the road, my friends.  Between the support and accountability you get from me, and the encouragement you get from your fellow participants, your feet will be held to the fire.  You see, we could self-reflect and learn and seek to understand all day long, but if we don't take action, we will never get the results we desire.  Will you lose weight? Maybe.  Will you accept your body the way it is and learn to find the joy in the journey?  Only if you do the work.  I'm here to hold you accountable, to hold your hand, to catch you when you stumble.  We're in this together.  AND you get to take RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for your RESULT.

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Jennifer says...

You offer a great service for many who are stuck or unnecessarily unhappy. Learning to speak kindly to ourselves and actually feel self love is the first step in healing other relationships and being kind and truly present to others. You're healing the world lady! 

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Client Love

Jane says...

I had a "lost" weekend as far as food is concerned. Lots of stresses. I do not beat myself up anymore. No more remorse. Just get back up on the wagon today and encourage myself to keep going. I can do this.  Your programs have definitely helped me get here.

Pink Gradient

Michelle says...

It’s the weirdest feeling to feel like I’m finally living life. Hard to explain, but it’s a type of freedom I either never took advantage of or never knew before. I know I’ve said this before, but you and your program have been life altering for me.  I’m feeling good, healthy and so ready to live the life I’m so blessed to have. 

My mission is to help women discover and understand themselves so they can step up and be who they wish to be.  It is my firm belief that if we can touch the lives of women this way, we change the world.

Get Off The Hamster Wheel Registration
Get Off The Diet Hamster Wheel 
12 Week Program
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