Ocean Rocks


During the workshops, you will experience new techniques on how to add peace and joy to your day. The easy, quick, and simple steps allow you to recognize where you may want to make changes in your life and how to make the adjustments that remove stress and anxiety and allow you to flow into the space you want.

  • Self-Talk, Friend or Foe?
    Sat, Jan 08
    Zoom. Here is the link: https://rb.gy/ocs
    In this workshop we will discuss how self-talk can anchor in our beliefs, help us create stories, and either really help us or really hurt us.
  • Joyful Now!  Stop the Anxiety and Start Having Fun Again!
    Thu, Jan 06
    Online Zoom Meeting
    What would change in your life if you knew how to get out of the anxiety loop and actually enjoy your day? What would it feel like to be more joyful and fulfilled every day? Come to this 90 minute workshop and find out some tips and tricks to do just that!